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Whiplash / Auto Injuries


The forces that are involved in motor vehicle collisions can be massive. So obviously the injuries that occur can be quite severe. However, some research shows that with a change of velocity of only 5 miles per hour, whiplash injuries can occur.

Whiplash happens when the force of a car accident pushes your head forward, backwards, or to the side depending on the angles of the collision. The weight of the head being pushed in different directions overwhelms the neck muscles and ligaments that are fighting to stabilize it. Those muscles and ligaments typically sustain sprain / strain injuries as a result of these forces, which means that the fibers of those tissues actually tear.

Whiplash injuries can often take days to show up, as the inflammation sets in. They can also create many different symptoms. Frequently there is neck pain, neck soreness, decreased range of motion, and headaches. Sometimes there is also jaw pain / TMJ pain, earaches, and radiating symptoms that lead to arm pain.

Chiropractic care at Gemini Chiropractic and Rehab addresses the neck pain and inflammation, strengthens the injured muscles, improves range of motion, and also leads to proper healing so you are not prone to injury in the future.